Saturday, February 28

Cable, North Macon, the job market, and YoungLife

Today was kind of eventful. Dan left town at 6 in the morning for Atlanta to interview and test for a job, and he's just now able to leave. I got up at 9 and dealt with three different techs from DirecTV, all of whom informed me that my apartment building is the only one in the complex completely blocked from their satellite signal. Ridiculous. I begged them politely not to make me go back to Cox and told them my roommate would be pretty devastated (she was). So we'll just have to see what happens there. I personally don't really need the TV channels, since I watch TV as a purely social thing. And if a sports event is on, I usually go to Jess's or one of the other guys' houses, where they have big "man TVs" as I like to call them. So this situation really affects the roommate more than me, and we'll have to discuss it on Monday when she gets back.

Amy and I realized again that we are in the world, but not of it--the "world" being North Macon. We rolled up to Chili's curbside-to-go area across from my apartments in our massive baggy pants, her with her money hat and me with my big blue rainboots, no makeup and listening to strange hip-hop music her students left in her car. It was a hoot to watch all the clean, well-dressed North Maconites with their shopping bags and neatly dressed children walking through the parking lots of Chili's and the new mall. We're both well-loved in North Macon, but I definitely wouldn't say that we fit in!

It was great not to have to work today. The boss is really quite stressed about the economy, and we've all been feeling the extra tension from that, especially when our portfolio reports come in and the numbers keep shrinking. I keep saying that we'll all make it through this, that all we can do is pray and do our jobs the best we can and wait for the economy to heal itself. Maybe it's just because I've been poor my whole life, and I'm a little more well-adjusted for this stage in our economic cycle than people who are used to having lots of things and plenty of money in the bank. I KNEW there had to be a perk somewhere! :)

I'm grateful for all the prayers Dan received this morning from our friends. Keep praying that the right opportunities will present themselves to him, and that the Lord will speak to him and any interviewers in the future so they can make the right decisions. He's behaving pretty optimistically despite Georgia's slowly increasing unemployment rate. We just have to have faith and do the best we can with what the Lord gives us, and nothing is better than that!

I was re-listening (is that a word?) to a sermon podcast from New City Church released on October 26 about God's pursuit of Jonah and the great city of Nineveh. I swear that Keith preaches specifically to YoungLife leaders, even if he doesn't intend to! I wrote down some notes last night:
God's message will go where He wants, when He wants it to go. He prepares minds and hearts to hear His truth.

It is not up to me or anyone else to make His truth impressive to unbelievers. We proclaim Him out of love because we cannot help it.. because ideally, we are bursting at the seams with joy and reverence and love, and out of the overflow of God's love in our hearts come worship, teaching, service, mercy, and forgiveness.

We do not teach and preach because God needs our help. We do not pursue others in His name because God can't convince them on His own. We pursue others for Christ out of love for Him and them, and also in order to be more like Him who left heaven to pursue us on our own turf. Sounds familiar.. (if you're familiar with YoungLife).

The mission is the best way I know to unite myself to God more. In pursuing and talking to others, I learn more and more about my God. When we are constantly proclaiming God and joining Him in His work, we keep Him at the front of our thoughts and cannot help but become more like Him.

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