Wednesday, February 18

Eventful weekend

My co-worker, Lee, is a little concerned because I slept for almost 12 hours last night.  I blame it on the crummy weather Macon's had for the last couple of days--cloudy, cold, and threatening rain.  Who wants to be awake for that?  

Busy season at work started last Monday.  So far I haven't had any problems adjusting to the new workload and assignments, probably because I've been asking Lee & Glenda tons of questions prior to each new task.  I'm learning a lot about this culture of higher education and honor societies and "really smart" people and helicopter parents and vendors with lousy shipping managers.  Boss is gone until Monday, so it's been really quiet except for our regular Story Time with Lee.  

Young Life had kept me pretty busy with the students up until this weekend.  The kids didn't have school Monday or Tuesday (apparently Presidents' Day is a major two-day holiday around here), so we didn't have our weekly Club gathering and several of my girls were out of town.  The theme of this coming Monday's club is YouTube, so Amy, Steebo, Laura, and I are scouring the internet for appropriate-yet-humorous videos to use as intermission between activities.  We'll be praying for Marlin as he gives a talk this week on the Person of Christ: getting our students to think about who Jesus is, and not just as a name they hear about on Sunday or when someone loses their temper.  

This weekend is going to be pretty exciting, starting tomorrow night with the Georgia National Rodeo in Perry.  I've never been to one before, so Dan and I are going to check it out.  Friday as soon as his classes are out we'll hit the road again for Aiken to see Jamey Johnson (sings "In Color"--great country song) and his brother & sister-in-law and their "new" puppies Walker & T.R.  Saturday begins alumni weekend activities for Pi Kapp, and that evening we'll get dressed up and go to formal at the Riverview Ballroom.  I'm excited to see all our old friends!

Sunday is going to be a huge treat--the Young Life Committee is hosting a lunch at the home of two of the newest members.  Nothing in this world beats Committee food.  Ask any leader.  I'll probably eat until I'm tired and then sleep all afternoon.  


  1. I am so glad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that you are enjoying both your jobs-the one for yourself and the one for Jesus. Let him walk with you all the time.
    Love and miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Totally appreciate your including me here. I do get to chat with your siblings once in a while but Wexy FL had virtually disappeared from my horizon except for the bits and pieces I can get from your Mom. You're doing dood and we are so proud of you. Keep in touch!


Happy Together

Happy Together
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