Monday, February 23

Weekend trip, formal, YoungLife, Mercer basketball, and more YoungLife

We had a perfect weekend with both family and friends.  Dan's brother has two adorable, playful 9-month old German shepherds (Walker and T.R.).  The morning after the concert I got to spend a lot of time playing fetch with them in the front yard.  They are a delight!  They must have jumped on me in bed a dozen times.  Ken and Mandi have done a great job training them; the kids listen and obey so well, especially for being 9 months old!  

Pi Kappa Phi alumni formal was in a rather shady location but turned out to be a ton of fun.  It's such a treat to have most of my favorite people all together, eating and drinking and dancing.  I'll post a couple of pictures soon.  

The next day after church gathering we had the YoungLife leader/committee luncheon.  I think the entire committee was there, with most of their children and even some of their college-age kids!  Sadly, everyone's favorite almost-2-year-old was not there, but her baby brother laughed and smiled and made us all feel better about it.  Brian & Sereta (sp?) have a delightful southwestern-themed home with a real woodstove and breadwarmer among other fun things.  We're really spoiled as YoungLife volunteers!

The eventful weekend didn't end there: Mercer's last home basketball game started at 2:00 and stayed exciting all the way to the end, when the Bears pulled out a W!  It was great to be cheering and shouting angry threats at the refs with old friends.  I wish we could all be together more often.  After the game, our visitors went on their separate ways.  

Now it's back to work, with just YoungLife's weekly club gathering to look forward to this evening.  It's Academy-Awards-themed,  with four leaders presenting nominees for Best Youtube Video of the Year in several categories.  Amy, Laura, and Steebo came by yesterday afternoon to play and fish at the pond and to plan logistics for tonight.  It's definitely going to be different, and hopefully the kids find it as funny as we do!  

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Happy Together
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