Monday, March 16

Girls' weekend in the SAV

Yet another eventful weekend! I went with 2 of my Chi Omega sisters, Kristina & Rizza, to stay with Rizza's parents in Savannah for St. Patrick's Day weekend. I'd never been for SPD before, so it was a great new experience.

We met for a short while with Coren Ross, mother of my late friend and Chi Omega sister Jenn who passed away three years ago this New Year's, one week after being shot in downtown Savannah. Several sisters still keep in touch with Ms. Coren, and she really is a delight. There isn't a thing this amazing woman can't do. The day we met her, she had just finished remodeling their downtown apartment, which they had rented to the Corona distributor for the long weekend. She was on her way to meet someone about her new copywriting business, and then off to Atlanta with Mr. Ross, who works as a lawyer for the major hospital in Savannah where Jenn was treated. We went shopping and enjoyed our short time with her.

I was so excited when we stopped at the green fountain in Orleans Square and it was surrounded by bright red tulips--my favorite!  

After a nap and an amazing dinner at Bonefish, River Street that night was everything I expected it to be--crazy! I was baffled to count 8 children under the age of 11 running through the streets among all the intoxicated adults. We took a picture with a man in a huge green hat and beads at his polite (drunk) request and met one of Kristina's friends at the Hyatt before calling it quits at midnight.

The next day, we drove through the rain and met another sister, Meredith, in Dublin for lunch at Cracker Barrell. She showed us her classroom and we took pictures of EVERYTHING.  After that, we toured downtown Dublin, decked out despite the rain for St. Patrick's Month.  We discovered Scoops, which is now my favorite sweets/ice cream/coffee shop in Georgia (sorry, J-cup!).  

I don't ever buy candy and I don't care to eat much of it, but I was completely delighted by the bright colors and the huge assortment of goodies.  My mind pretty much shut down and I settled on buying a 4-pack of cream soda and a bag of Swedish Fish for Dan.  (Later, on the way to drop Meredith off, I realized that I left my purchases at the store and poor Rizza had to navigate her way back through the downpour.)

We ended the weekend sitting on Meredith's bed going through photos and scrapbooks-in-progress, laughing at the last four years of our lives together.  There were feel-good pictures ("Meredith!  You should marry him just so you can take geat pictures together!") and not-so-feel-good pictures ("Alex, you look like you have an eating disorder in this picture.  In all of these formal pictures actually").  Her hysterical poodle was locked up in a laundry room, and I'm certain he would have gone for my throat if she hadn't locked him up.  Did I mention that I am deathly afraid of small dogs?

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  1. deathly afraid of small dogs? got that from me except I'm deathly afraid of ALL dogs


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