Tuesday, March 24

Prayers, please

Please lift up my YoungLife students in your prayers today.  In particular:

M.- he is struggling with a lot of things internally and I believe that the enemy is attacking him now more than ever.  He has been dealt a difficult hand in the past year and needs a lot of grace and encouragement.  He does not know to seek God's help against the attacks and so please pray with me for him.  Pray that God would banish the enemy from M.and allow him to rest in His peace.  I would love to see M. come to YoungLife camp this year and have some uninterrupted time to laugh and have a good time and really meet with the Lord.  If it is God's will for M. to go, I believe 100% that he will.  If not, I pray that his other YL leaders and I would accept that and continue to love on him and pursue him for Christ.  In either case, pray with me: "Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

C.- He is another that we would love to bring with us to YL camp this summer away from the distractions of life here in Macon and the false, temporary comforts.  It's so difficult sometimes to convince these students that there is something they desperately need which they are not seeking.  Pray with me that C. would settle in his decision to come to camp with us and have some uninterrupted, undistracted time having fun with the Lord and several of his good friends.  

M.- She also has been through a lot and continues to suffer more and new difficulties despite a life that appears privileged and problem-free.  M. is a fighter, though, and unlike the previous two students knows that God is the only way out of the messes in her life she cannot control.  She heard a talk about John 14:6 ("I am the way and the truth and the life") and told me last night that it was sitting on her heart.  She can see the way out of the troubles and needs prayer and grace so badly at this time.  

There are so many other students who need help at this time, but these three in particular have been weighing on my heart.  Pray for them and all of my YL high school friends as they struggle against an enemy they don't even recognize.  Pray that they would recognize that the only way out--the Way, the Truth, and the Life--is to seek Jesus.  

We have several fundraising efforts coming up in the next month to raise money for campership.  While it is completely worth the price and then some, money is difficult to come by for many families nowadays, even families who have never had to worry about money before.  Pray that God would provide the funds for us to minister to His children here in Macon and in particular that we would be able to pay for the kids God is calling to meet Him at camp in Colorado this summer.  

I appreciate your prayers very, very much.  Lately, it's so easy to get bogged down in the finance details and forget that the Lord doesn't need money to work His miracles.  Pray for the YL staff and volunteers that we wouldn't lose sight of what is really important on this mission, and that's to rely on God and go only where He has paved the way.  

I'll post about the steeplechase weekend in Aiken later--for now just know that it was tons of fun and such a great relaxing weekend at the races and at the house in Aiken with Dan, his brother Ken, sister-in-law Mandi, pups Walker & T.R., and several of their friends.  I'm so happy we were able to go!

This Friday Dan and I will drive back to Florida for his fraternity's dinner cruise formal and get to see my parents as well!  I'm really looking forward to a weekend at my favorite beaches.  

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Happy Together
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