Tuesday, March 3

Snow on the ground in Georgia

It snowed in Macon, Georgia!  Five years of blistering heat and 70-degree Februarys and we finally got some snow in March!  

I woke up from my post-Five Guys (if you haven't eaten there, you must!) nap at 5:00 in the afternoon and saw this out the window:

Dan met me after his volleyball game and we were able to get some fun pictures in the snow together.  

Greek village at my alma mater was beautiful.  Dan took a picture of me with his camera outside his fraternity house: 

And I took a picture of my own fraternity house with my (free) camera phone, which turned out pretty well: 

Craziest of all: when I left go go back to my apartment, I found no less than three inches of snow on my car!  (Also taken with my free camera phone!)

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Happy Together

Happy Together
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