Friday, March 6

The Story of Audrey Caroline

My friend Sarah suggested to a group of us that we read Angie Smith's blog, "The Story of Audrey Caroline".  She is a mother of three beautiful little girls and one other daughter who has gone to be with the Lord.  Her husband, Todd, is the lead singer for the Christian band Selah.  I read the most recent entry and instantly was captivated by her family's story.  I've started over from Angie's original post.

She is an incredibly inspiring writer, and while she share some wonderful spritual insights along the way, she also shares her genuine struggles with God and the normal imperfections of everyday family life.  She is someone who you could really be friends with.  She is a real Christian woman, with similar ups and downs in her walk with the Lord that we all share if we are really trying to follow Him.  

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Happy Together

Happy Together
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