Monday, April 20

Fishing in the dark

I'm not sure how last night happened, but it started at 6:45 p.m. when Amy and Steebo were eating with me at Francar's complaining about how sleepy we all felt. A friend of mine, Andrew, was in town from Statesboro and reminded me of a great fishing spot he'd brought me to a couple of times just a few miles north of my apartment. Impulsively, we decided to check it out, "just to see where it is for later".

Two hours and one 2.5 mile hike later, it's pitch dark outside. We have no flashlights other than Amy's CrackBerry but we're having the time of our lives on the flat rocks in the stream. It was too dark to see, so we didn't catch anything, but it was definitely fun. Massive glow-in-the-dark fish were jumping 3 feet out of the water upstream.. I have no idea what they were. It'll definitely be a good place to fish when it's sunny and warm outside.

Around 9:30 we decided maybe it was time to try to find our way back. For the next 45 minutes, armed with the gun, Amy's javelin/bayonet/Spartan spear, and our fishing poles, we felt our way out of the woods and onto the gravel path leading back to the car. Did I mention that I was wearing flip flops and Amy was wearing Sperrys?

It was totally worth it. Best bonding experience ever.

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  1. Oh how I do love our bonding... "SHINE THE FUZZY LIGHT!"


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Happy Together
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