Thursday, April 2

A prepared path

Numbers 14:42Don't go that way.  The Lord is not with you in this, and so you will fail miserably and completely.  (my paraphrase; the actual text is here)

I've had the words "Do not go where the Lord has not prepared the way for you first" in my heart and head for a few months now.  I thought maybe I'd read it somewhere in the new testament but Amy and I searched through the whole Bible online and couldn't find it anywhere.  The closest thing was that verse from Numbers.  

I've been praying and thinking about these words, wondering what exactly the Lord is trying to tell me.  The simple answer would be that I shouldn't make plans that haven't been run by Him first.  Or maybe in my ministry to high school students--maybe I should not try to win certain kids over just because I like them or because I think I can speak to them.. unless He has paved a way for me into their hearts, my words will fall on deaf ears.  And they certainly should.  Far be it from me to say something in the Lord's name that did not come from listening to Him.  

Maybe that's how I should be approaching my life.  I thought I'd been bringing every aspect of my life, big and small, and laying it at His feet, waiting to hear His thoughts.  Maybe I'm not doing as well in that as I should.  I pray that the Lord would prevent me from setting out to do anything that doesn't fit His pre-ordained plan for my life.  

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  1. i love you! i'm glad we are blogging buddies!!


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Happy Together
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