Thursday, April 9

Still good

It's a nice day at work today. Boss is out of town till Monday and Lee is taking a long lunch break, so I have the place to myself and I can listen to New City Downtown sermons to my heart's content without distracting anyone. And the little computer thermometer says it's 64 degrees outside--20 degrees warmer than it's been at this time for the past week!  

Amy and I checked out a Missional Community at the Evans' house last night (like a small-group meeting/bible study). Dr. Paul and his wife, Alesia, are some of the most uplifting, good people I've met. They're adopted "parents" to 2 of Dan's fraternity brothers and my good friends Kevin & Jesse. We were there for 3 hours last night and barely noticed the time go by as we munched on chips and cheesecake and talked about Cameron's sermon last Sunday on justification.  

I watched Slumdog Millionaire at the Kennedys' on Tuesday after putting my favorite babies to bed. It was really intense and different from any movie I've ever watched--not surprising since this was my first Indian movie. Amy had to warn me about a couple of scenes that would have really disturbed me, and I was able to cover my eyes in time without getting too upset. Parts of the movie really showcase some of the world's biggest problems. Like child slavery in India, where beautiful, innocent children are "given" disabilities in order to be better beggars. One line of the movie still makes me shudder, where a little boy is singing for money on the corner and he tells his friend who escaped, "Blind singers make double." So it was worth it for the boss to blind a beautiful little boy to get a few more rupees. Things like that. I started to get really upset, and we talked a little about the big problems out in the world and right here at home in the States. It's so easy to fall for the temptation to despair and question God and try to make Him answer to me and what I think should happen. It's impossible for me to understand how such evil can thrive in the world God created for us. It's impossible for me to fathom how anyone could ever hurt a child, whether they are a so-called "untouchable" in India or a high-schooler in Macon, Georgia. The only thing I can do when I'm overwhelmed and sad from all the suffering I see is remember this:

God is still good.

He is still good. He still loves us. He sees the good and the bad and He hears each one of our cries. Nothing that happens in this world or any other is a surprise to the Lord. He is good, even if the world is not.

And that is why I still have hope. If we can't save all the kids or even just one, it never changes the fact that is that He is good and loves each one of us more than the sun and the stars He taught how to shine (Matthew West reference). I will not fall into the trap that the enemy has laid for me, the trap where I would get angry and cry and put the Lord on trial and demand answers for all the suffering children I've met and the ones I will never meet. I will not go there. I have to hope in the Lord and remember that though even though there is so much evil out in the world, God is still good. And, remembering that, maybe we can find peace.

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  1. This is a topic that actually infuriates me, due to things in my past. I have to check myself and my anger, when I hear of children and others being abused. I have to trust that God is good and dwell in that no matter how the world is.


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