Thursday, May 28


It's been such a crazy week! A week ago this morning Dan and I were finishing our 17-hour drive through the night to his parents' farm in Rexville, NY, where we stayed until Memorial Day. It's in the mountains in the far western part of the state, just above the Pennsylvania border. It was a beautiful drive, especially the last three hours when we got off the interstate and drove through the mountains and Amish country before arriving at "The Compound", as Dan jokingly called it.

I can't describe accurately how beautiful all of it was. Hills everywhere, half the roads were dirt roads, deer and ponds full of fish everywhere you turned. I had the time of my life fishing twice a day, every day. His family was a delight, too, especially his parents. They made me feel like one of the family right from the start and gave Dan a hard time every chance they got. All weekend I kept saying to him, "Babe, I love it here! Everyone is on my side and tells me how pretty I am and feeds me!" His little sister had a couple of cousins her age with her at all times, and they were a delight too.

My favorite adventure would probably be when he and I rode the tractor to dump some garbage at the far end of their land, and stopped by the pasture to try to find and take back the brand new calf (born the day before we arrived). We wandered in and out of the clusters of cows, through bushes and trees and piles of manure and finally found the little calf resting quietly under a rose bush. He was very calm when Dan flipped him over to make sure he was a bull and needed to be taken back to the house, but when Dan hoisted him up on his chest to bring him back, he started crying at the top of his lungs. Instantly every single cow (no bulls, thank God) turned her head and started toward us. I looked at Dan and he said, "Run!" and dropped the poor little calf. As soon as he put the calf down everyone settled down and walked away from us. He then said, "I have to get the tractor. You gather them and herd them toward the house." Keep in mind the house is half a mile away, and the day-old calf he just dropped was easily my size or bigger.. not to mention the dozens of other cows we'd already ticked off. But I just said, "Okay" and circled around the back of the herd. Somehow this worked and in just a few minutes all the cows were pleasantly grouped in front of the house. I hopped the barbed wire fence and met with Dan's father and a friend, Jim, who had stopped by. They had seen my (somehow) successful attempt to herd the cows and were laughing because they had no idea who was out there bringing the cows in and why were they so small. Billings family are not small people. Dan is 6 feet tall and 230 pounds and he's the smallest one of the men. Ridiculous.

Pictures later!


  1. That's hilarious! I'm trying to picture itty bitty Alex out there herding a bunch of cows. Wish I could have been there!

  2. Haha I love it. Thanks for the great mental image of the cows turning on ya'll with the calf. I have been there, they get a little grumpy when you mess with the kids. Reminds me of Twin City. Glad ya'll had a great time!!! When do I get to go haha... no seriously.


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Happy Together
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