Sunday, May 10

"You know, even if she were not my mother, I would go out of my way to be friends with her."

Happy Mothers' Day to the amazing woman who taught me about God, love, family, priorities, and how to be completely giving and unselfish. I love you Mother!!! (I would have put up a picture of her, but she'd probably kill me.)

On another note, I can't stop reading up on Compassion and going through the videos and blogs from the Compassion Bloggers' trip to India a week or so ago. Compassion is bringing the gospel to places most of us would never dream of going, and may not even know they exist. I'm reading the emails and watching the videos and seeing the quick transformation as these sponsored kids go from uncertain, hesitant, and afraid to relaxed, goofy, and confident.

I'm new to this whole sponsorship thing. I just found little Miss Karthigai a week ago. But I really believe in this ministry. I've never felt something so heavy on my heart, or felt so overjoyed at the success of strangers, or had my heart taken over so quickly. If you've never thought to sponsor a child before, I'm asking you to check out their website. Get informed, and pray, pray, pray about it. Every kid deserves the light of the gospel in their lives, and the greatest privilege we have is to be a part of the mission to bring it to them. That's why I do YoungLife. That's why I'm so fired up about Compassion.

Find a way to get plugged into this mission of bringing people to the feet of Jesus. Maybe it's high schoolers you'llalk alongside as they look for Him in the right or wrong places. Maybe it's a homeless person you'll serve a meal to in a shelter. Maybe it's a friend you meet for coffee. Or maybe it's a beautiful little 12-year-old girl thousands of miles away in a tiny house with her four siblings and their parents. God doesn't need me to make Him known to the world. He can do that on His own. But how could I want to do anything else with my life?

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  1. thank you so much for the sweet comment. do you remember-----2years ago on mother's day, you sent me a card that had the same caption, "you know, even if......." you always know how to touch my heart. i love you so much and am so proud of you. keep the faith and blaze new trails. you are so blessed ,strive to use all your blessings discerningly.


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