Tuesday, June 23

Back from my home far away

It's crazy that Crooked Creek feels like home. Like last year, I'm sad and a little lost now that we've returned to Georgia. The last week and a half has been incredible, from 36-hour bus rides to incredible meals, Frank's inspired talks, hilarious programming, silly and serious cabin talks, and morning horseback rides through the Rockies. All of this taking place in God's country, Colorado.
On the other hand, it feels good to be back home, where we do most of the real work God has laid out for us YoungLife leaders. I wish it could be as easy as it is at camp to ask kids the real questions, and to be totally focused on walking with them as they walk with (or search for) Christ.

I believe in God's hand in this ministry 100%. The conversations I had with girls about their different places in the walk with/for Christ were amazing. The fears and joys shared were for once out in the open, and for a few days these girls felt like maybe, just maybe, they didn't have to hide their real selves. That maybe there really was a God who wasn't there to punish or judge, but to love them and lift them out of the darkness and carry them when it gets too hard to keep going on their own.

Pray with me that we can take these high school friends and their newfound desire for Christ and just walk with them every day. That I would not forget to point to Him every time they look to me. That God would protect them from spiritual attack. That their hearts would remain open and turned to Him. That they would immerse themselves in His Word and see it as a source of life as I do.

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  1. I couldn't have said it better myself! As a matter of fact, I think I'll copy this to my blog... jk jk. It was/is and honor to serve next to you in this ministry. Thanks for being my friend.


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Happy Together
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