Saturday, June 6

Wedding season

Congratulations to my wonderful friend Jeremy, who married his best friend today! Praying for their life together and safe travels to and from the honeymoon after a beautiful ceremony!

It is such a treat to have all the groomsmen together the past couple of days. These are some of the most important gentlemen in my life--guys who made me laugh and cry (and sometimes worry a little bit) during our college years. Guys who I looked (and continue to look) after, and who have all taken care of me by turns. Looking at them, all standing up together supporting their brother, my heart grew about three sizes. And I was impressed that Dan didn't make Jeremy laugh too much as he was standing next to him atop those marble steps, just stood there looking handsome and not overheated in his tux on this beautiful summer Georgia day. I'm proud to say my baby cleans up well!

I'm also very proud that after several of us went and saw The Hangover last night after the rehearsal, they did not kidnap the groom and head off to Mexico.

It's the first wedding of the season. I'm honored and happy to be invited to each friend's wedding this year. But personally, I'm no fan of ceremonies. You're reading about the girl who didn't feel it was necessary to walk at her college graduation (did I mention I'm the oldest of 5 and the first to graduate at an American institution?). The girl who at age 11 thought having a graduation from the 5th grade to the 6th grade was ridiculous. The more weddings I've gone to, the smaller and smaller my ideal ceremony got. At the moment, my ideal has gotten down to a courthouse with a couple of friends picked up on the way to be witnesses. I may or may not wear a dress. On days when I'm feeling particularly sappy, my ideal changes (merphs? haha) slightly and I open up to the possibility of a backyard wedding with just very close friends and family. That's about as big as I can imagine; awkwardly being in the spotlight and frantically picking colors and linens isn't my thing. No big weddings for me!

Besides, if I don't have a big wedding there's less of a chance the boys will kidnap Dan and make a break for the border :)

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Happy Together
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