Thursday, July 30

back to work

Two days ago, I got a text from Keith that Between the Bread downtown needed servers immediately.  I'm good with people, I like the fast pace, and I need income so it was a no-brainer.  It's a really nice lunch spot that turns into an amazing dinner venue (Michael's on Mulberry) at night.  They told me to come in on a trial basis to see if I can handle the work.  Today I trained with one of the other servers (most appreciated part: no one there is an angry, cracked-out sex fiend like you find working at other places).  Unless the owner was just being nice, he was very impressed with me and I come back again tomorrow at 9 a.m.    

Of course, it's not a permanent, complete solution.  But I had a great time working my tail off today, and I feel better that I'll have something coming in to replace the money I just shelled out for bills.  I'm incredibly grateful for some extra peace of mind during this transition time.  

Dan (and my car!) will be back in town tomorrow!  

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  1. Congrats friend on the new temporary job! We haven't hung out or really talked since I have been back. We need to fix that.


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Happy Together
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