Tuesday, July 7


Still struggling. I'm sort of stuck in this mindset I've read about but never felt this burdened from before, one where I'm not constantly focused on being joyful in my walk with God, but I keep looking over my shoulder at my mistakes and attitudes and bad decisions (recent and and not-so-recent) and feeling horrified. Yes, it sounds dramatic. No, I'm not exaggerating.

But I'm not defined by my failures, my sins, my poor attitude at times, or any of that trash. I'm not defined by anything but Christ's redeeming work on the cross and an empty tomb on Easter Sunday morning.

So last night and this morning during my sit down with God, I asked Him to help me remember that as His child, my identity and worth aren't in my failures. That His grace and love are transforming me every day to be more like His Son, and this transformation has a long way to go. By focusing on my past failed attempts, I miss out on the joy that comes from appreciating how He continues to bless me. When I focus on what's already been done and forgiven (even when I don't feel forgiven), I'm not focusing on growing from those mistakes. It's a distracting, easy trap to fall into, one I'm sure the enemy knows is one of my biggest weaknesses.

So I choose to take the grace God is offering today, and rise above the crap in my life instead of getting bogged down in it. God does not look at me and see a perpetual failure or a stubborn ass. He sees me as His child, for all that I can become, with and through Him.

Pray for Amy, who has been sick for nearly a week and unable to eat most of the time, that she would get better quickly and in time to go to Kentucky with her family.

Pray for Joel, Katherine, Mary Kate, & Ford and the staff and work crew at Frontier Ranch as they face obstacle after obstacle. Ask the Lord to reveal His work through them and to continue to protect and encourage them.

Pray for Dan, as he continues to look for a job. Pray that he would not have to look far and that God would guide his search efforts. Pray that the Lord would speak to the right employer and encourage them to offer him the best opportunity.

Pray for my grandmother, who was in the hospital with some chest pain a week ago. Pray that God would keep her strong and healthy, because she is wonderful and I can't function without her.

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  1. That is a nasty little trap that the enemy likes to play. I struggle with my past often... and is sucks. Thanks for the encouraging words in your blog my friend. I also really like how you pray individually on here with specifics.


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Happy Together
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