Wednesday, July 22

hidden in plain sight

I'm discovering that, in big and small matters, God saves us from ourselves. He hides things in plain sight, closing our eyes to them until we need it the most.

Rewind: a few months ago, before Colorado when I first moved into the 579, I misplaced $20 at the grocery store (or so I thought). I was angry that, in my poor post-grad state, I'd managed to lose such a hefty chunk of change. No exaggeration or sarcasm.

Dan helped me look everywhere. I checked all of the laundry, the car, the clear cup of pens (adjective's importance revealed later) by the computer.. everywhere. No $20 to be found. Disappointed but moving on with our lives..

Fast forward: on Monday morning I was fired from my job. It is after midnight, Tuesday night. We are down to precisely $4, which we only have because I finally cracked and broke into the piggy bank Alex 2 painted for me when I left for college. I only took half of physical weight of the coins, but still. I was sad. There was enough bass leftover from yesterday's fishing adventures to cook one more decent meal for two, and then.. milk, eggs, and PB&J until further notice. Ramen does not count. My car is down to under 1/4 tank, and Dan's truck is out of commission because we can't pay to replace the brake lines I messed up two weeks ago. (Despite the sad description, we really are not that worried, and we do laugh at our situation.)

I walked past the computer about 15 minutes ago and for some reason the clear Augusta Nationals cup my pens have been sitting in bothers me. I think a bigger coffee mug with quotes will do a better job and be less likely to tip over. (Item: the AN cup has never tipped over.) So I remove the pens and make the transfer to the quotes mug. Neatly folded in half behind the only pen I ever use out of this clear cup are two crisp $10 bills. How have I never seen them before? Especially since this was the first place we checked for the aforementioned missing $20?

I know why: God chose to hide the money from our sight until such as a time as we needed it the most. I would probably have spent it on a 6-pack of Yuengling or a peach milkshake from Chick Fil A or Dickey's. But he saved it until now, when we have no money and no gas and nothing to cling to but our peaceful, Spirit-given knowledge that God will somehow provide.

I said to Dan this evening, "I'm mostly past the phase in my growth where I wonder if God will provide. I know He will. At this point I wonder exactly how." I guess that makes me a second-grader in the school of walking with God.

Sorry for the rambling in this post.. it's really late and I am just so excited and grateful for another small insight into my Lord's thoughts!

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Happy Together
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