Sunday, July 12

I love Sundays

Is it possible to wear out a cast iron pan? I've prepared 5 of the last 7 or 8 meals this week in it, and I've been cooking at home a LOT. Two of those meals have been my sausage gravy & biscuits. I'm pretty proud of my modified sausage gravy recipe (always heavy on the sausage, with just a touch of gravy), and I'm pretty sure I've figured out the things that make it different (better? haha) than everyone else's I've had. Dan asked me what they were, and I told him under no circumstances was I going to share the secrets. Not until it's perfected.

Between that, and the jambalaya and chicken and vegetables and numerous other things I've prepared this past week, I think the cast iron pan deserves a nap. It had a long day today.

I love Sundays.

I get to spend time fellowshipping (I just declared that a legitimate word), fishing, and eating. It's the day of the week when I feel the least stressed and that heavy, usually inescapable feeling of being unprepared for life disappears.

I went to the church gathering alone today (Dan didn't go and Amy was still en route from Kentucky), and sat in a different spot, near the coffee in an easy chair instead of in the balcony. It felt good to chat with everyone there, people who I am starting to love and who don't have any agenda for me other than to walk with me on this road toward Christ. They know about the recent job troubles, resolved (mine, sort of) and unresolved (Dan's). They know what makes me happy (fishing, soft cotton skirts, beer, food, a good solid sermon, the Braves..) and what has been weighing me down. And we're all just there to love each other and do life together in this crazy fallen world.

At NCCd, I can't fake my way through a greeting and pretend to be "terrific" when really I'm freaking out. I can't pretend to have it all together. I don't have to. Pastor Keith touched on that in his sermon today, talking about how the church is supposed to look like a family--one that is completely honest and tenderhearted and generous and accepting not only to others, but within itself. My church knows me well and still embraces me. They've opened their arms wide to love on Dan, too.. something for which I can't express enough appreciation.

Brucetopher, the new YoungLife staff guy, was over for supper with me and Dan last night. He's trying to find a church home here in Macon for the next 3 years or so. I pray that God directs him to a place that fits him as well as NCCd fits me. I really came home when He led me to this place.

Praise God for New City Church downtown, my home full of imperfect, loving, wonderful people. Praise Him for a pastor and a missional community that has opened their arms to Dan in a time when he needs a lot of prayer and support.

Praise God for Amy's health and safe return!

Praise God for Sundays like today, with church fellowship and fishing afternoons and supper with friends at home.

Pray for Joel, Amy, Steebo, and the YoungLife seniors who will leave in a week for the sailing trip in the Bahamas. Pray that He would grant them good weather and smooth travel, and that any anxieties about the trip would be rested in Him.

Pray for Dan as he continues to search for a job and experience one discouragement after another. Pray that God would reveal to Dan His plan, and to see each seeming failure as just another door closed that would have led down a lesser path than God has in mind.

Pray for my mother, who is still hobbling around after foot surgery. Pray that she would be able to rest and not become anxious or bored at home.

Pray for Joel, Katherine, Mary Kate, and Ford as they and the rest of the Frontier staff finish up their time at camp. Pray for the camp director, whose husband of 30 years passed away during her time at camp. She has 2 boys to care for as she grieves..

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Happy Together
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