Wednesday, July 15

"Occasional catcher of Georgia bass"

I'd have to call this evening successful: two 2-3 pound Georgia bass, one tiny brem I called "Buster" before releasing him back to have a better day, and no mosquito bites. Dan and I brought one of my YoungLife kids fishing at Dr. P's pond, leader of my house church group and one of my favorite people at NCCd. It was nice to forget about jobs, job searches, and bad luck and just settle into the familiar, repetitive motion of cast, reel, remove hook from fish, toss back. Repeat.

I caught two right off the bat, but Dan caught up to me eventually where he found the spot where all the bass were resting. I spotted some of the massive grass carp we'd seen at the house church fish fry, but of course it was right after I'd snagged my hook on a log and lost the whole situation.

Oh, and I saw one of those tacky people (you know, the jorts-wearing, gator-chomping variety) driving ahead of us on the way to Dr. P's. This one had really gone all the way to let the world know his unfortunate taste in college teams:

When he presses the brakes, a scrolling marquee lights up beneath his license plate that reads "U... F...". Brilliant.. or not so much. I really can't help but judge these things :)

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Happy Together
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