Sunday, July 19

Pennsylvania barn star!

I'm so excited to have found these online. When Dan and I went to his family's home in Rexville, NY, we drove through several towns in which almost every home had (at least) one of these hanging outside their front door.

I had to have one.

Dan and best friend Drew were jokingly suspicious that the stars indicated cult membership, to which I replied, "Then your entire town is the cult." Not difficult, given that maybe a hundred people lived in the area we were staying. Maybe.

Anyhow, tonight I had some free time and did a little research. For one thing, I had no idea what they are called, or what they mean. I found a couple of websites and this article, and turns out it doesn't have a universal meaning, just convey a country-home style feel. Next paycheck, I plan to get one to hang above my bed for sure and, pending roommate's approval, one for outside the front door. I can't wait!

On another note, I'm completely humbled and inspired by the Christ-inspired generosity and thoughtfulness of my church family. They've been letting us do our laundry at their houses (we don't have a washing machine yet.. more on that in a second), feeding us wonderful, belly-expanding meals, and just loving on us in general. I'm so glad Amy suggested this church last year.. and so grateful and completely overjoyed that Dan has taken interest and even attended a couple of times. If you've read my past blogs, you also know my church family has completely wrapped their arms around Dan, welcoming and loving on him just as much as me.

Dr. P & his wife stopped Dan and me after the worship gathering this morning (Amy's in the Bahamas on the senior sailing trip with YoungLife). They and several other NCCd-ers have been helping us look for an affordable, decent-quality used washer and dryer. Dr. P told us that they'd finally found one, and pending an inspection, it was ours. I excitedly thanked him and asked how much they wanted for it, and he said, "We've got this. It's free to you." Much to Dan's embarassment, I'm sure, I immediately teared up and hugged them. It's just wonderful to me how much love and generosity these people have toward us and the world in general. And all of them are so graceful and humble about it, resting in the knowledge that any good they do completely comes out of the overflow of their worship and love of Christ.

I'm trying to get there. I know none of them are perfect, but they have something that I feel I've almost got a hold of.. maybe it comes after years of searching and seeking and loving the Lord. I haven't been on this road that long yet, and already I'm experiencing daily change and growth. Sometimes the road with Christ is difficult and I can't always see where I'm going (again, if you've been reading you'll understand), but I would rather stumble and struggle while clinging to His hand then dance through an empty life without knowing Him.

Thank You, Father, for all You give and teach me. Thank You for the way You use people in my life to communicate with me. Thank You for working on Dan's heart. Thank You for the safe return of the Kennedys. Thank You for another full belly tonight, even when I forget to trust that You'll provide when my checking account doesn't seem like it can. Please be with my friends on the YoungLife sailing trip this week. Give them peace, laughter, calm seas, and time to focus on You. Please be with Pastor Keith's family as they vacation in Florida. Bring them back safely to us. Thank You for Keith especially reaching out to Dan. Thank You for giving me a glimpse of you in all these things.

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Happy Together
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