Saturday, August 15

amazing ministries

**UPDATE 8/16** 
Hours after I posted this, Nirmala was sponsored!  God bless her and her new sponsor :) 

At work tonight, Sarah Mac texted me about a beautiful Compassion child (Nirmala) she'd seen while browsing the site. She was completely taken by this girl's precious face. When I logged into Blogger today, whose face was the randomly selected Compassion child in the banner to the right?

If you haven't already, please pray about sponsoring Nirmala or another child through Compassion. If you don't hear God calling you to this ministry, then think and pray some more. Someone you know could be a perfect fit for this amazing ministry. Spread the word.

And speaking of amazing ministries.. YoungLife is almost back into full swing! Brucetopher's been working hard at the office to prepare, and the rest of us leaders are pumped for a new year of walking with kids toward God. Pray for us this year, that we wouldn't get in the way of the Gospel and that we would constantly be renewed in strength and reminded what an honor it is to be a part of this mission.

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Happy Together
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