Saturday, August 8

bad news and good news

Bad news:
I spilled a cup of water on a customer today. WtH. That has never happened before and although hopefully I didn't show it, it freaked me out intensely.

Good news:

Mighty McFly was in town tonight!

Mighty McFly is my favorite 80's cover band, and would be my favorite if it weren't for friends Drew & Ellie and a new discovery, Jenny & Tyler. Steebo and Jaymie were there, along with several Sigma Nu guys who went to college with me. They are simply amazing. I fulfilled one of my life goals, which was to get a picture taken with the lead singer. It's on Jaymie's camera and I fully intend to pirate it later and post it here. Apparently they are playing a wedding tomorrow? HELLO.. all of a sudden I want a band when I get married. Eloping with a band.. pretty sure that one's never been done before.

(Stupid Quicktime won't let me save videos without buying QuicktimePro. Nonsense, I say.)

(While waiting for my cell phone pictures to arrive in GMail, I discovered Jenny & Tyler also have a blog: .. HOORAY!)

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Happy Together

Happy Together
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