Wednesday, August 19

bird skin

So yesterday YoungLife Prayer/Lunch started up again, with the Kennedys, committee members, and some of us leaders.  It's one of the highlights of my week, and I'd forgotten how much of a grace source it is.  I first started going last summer, after Dan had suddenly broken up with me and left to go to his brother's wedding in Pennsylvania.  It was a really hard time, especially since I'd heard my guaranteed job was not so guaranteed and my car was once again in need of repair. God really used this group of people to lift me up and remind me that I was loved.  Over the past year we've had some great discussions and laughs at lunch.  We've lifted up students, friends, and family in prayer.  And MK (joined in November by Ford!) always manages to do something spectacular that keeps us laughing for days afterward.

Like apply turkey lunch meat to her arms and declaring it "skin"..

Of course, I had to contribute to the fun and correct her: it's actually "BIRD skin".  

She loved it.  We love her.

Oh.. and can't forget the important lessons in Crackberry addiction, as provided by Amy :)

She's basically a pro.


  1. So yesterday Young Life Prayer/Lunch started up again, with the Kennedys, CHRIS, committee members and some of us leaders. Duh

  2. You're so funny! Thanks for loving my kids!

  3. hahaha so sad i will be missing these times now... and Chris, you are hilarious! way to stick up for yourself, ha!


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Happy Together
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