Thursday, August 6

friends in concert

Last night Amy, Brucetopher, and I took one of our YoungLife kids (not actually a kid anymore.. starts college life at Auburn on Saturday!) to see our friends Drew & Ellie Holcomb in concert at Eddie's Attic! Eddie's Attic was packed out with adoring fans. Their guitarist, Nate, stole the show several times; funny things just kept happening throughout the show. When we got home after an hour and a half of singing at the top of our lungs, I informed Dan that it was very fortunate for our relationship that Nate was already engaged. I mean, the guy sings, plays guitar and piano, he's funny, and he's been under the influence of Drew and Ellie for the past 6 years. How incredible that this is what he does for a living!

I don't know what I want to do. Or where I'm supposed to be looking. It could drive me crazy very, very soon. For example, yesterday I decided I want to "write meaningful Christian education materials for Sunday schools and youth programs." What would that even look like? Completely random goal. Definitely not practical. Certainly not financially helpful.

I want to
.. consolidate my debts and just pay them off.
.. clean the house and yard.
.. sponsor another Compassion child (or seven).
.. cook delicious meals.
.. read Brennan Manning, C.S. Lewis, and those inspired by them.
.. sing at the top of my lungs.
.. live away from it all with the people I love.

.. learn from my mistakes.

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Happy Together

Happy Together
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