Thursday, August 27

if He can be a carpenter, i can be a waitress

Pray for me.  It's been quite the eventful just-over-a-year.  I still firmly believe that a wiser One than I knows, understands, and redeems.. but sometimes it's hard when all of  my understanding seems to come in the form of hindsight.  He's never let me down before, so I will continue to listen and wait and see.  

After a long afternoon of thinking, asking God questions, reading, and sitting in my silent house alone I took a break and went to see The Time Traveler's Wife by myself.  It's a wonderful story.  The movie, while very good, doesn't nearly do it justice.  I've read it twice in the past couple of weeks and laughed and cried my eyes out the entire time.  Beautiful story.  

I called my favorite grandmother on the way home just now.  She asked the usual questions: how is Dan, how is my roommate, am I okay, do I need anything.  I think she's worried that I'm frustrated working as a server when I have a college degree and a few solid years of work and volunteer experience, but that's not the case and I keep trying to remind her that.  Our conversation on that went something like this:

Grandmother: You know, every job is a blessing in this day and age.  Even your family in Australia is feeling it.  Just do your best and I know God will provide something.
Me: I'm not worried.  I figure if Christ could leave heaven and spend a few years working as a carpenter down here, I'm perfectly happy to wait tables as long as He asks.  

And that's how I really feel about the whole thing.  I call it my "okayness with life", to steal my roommate's phrase.  

Besides, there's no time to be discouraged when MK needs to be taught to use an emergency whistle properly.

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Happy Together
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