Thursday, August 20

who needs sleep when there's fun to be had?

Brucetopher is our handyman hero.

He came over tonight with tools to help us hang up Marilyn and Audrey, and ended up helping hang four more items AND redo our internet/computer desk/living room shenanigans. We decided Amy must marry the type of man with a decorator's eye.. apparently she arranges things for "functionality". So we have a slightly different (better, more spacious) living room setup.

All of this after our spontaneous trip to Wal-mart for milk (ended up getting a thousand other things as well, including a mop, bucket, and Capri Sun). Steebo found a new outfit to wear when he moves to Colorado..

.. and he and Amy took Brucetopher and me by surprise in the toy section.

Then they phone-paged me (Wal-mart is stupid for allowing this) and I frightened every single stockboy we passed so badly that boxes flew off their carts. How we didn't get kicked out, I'll never know.

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Happy Together

Happy Together
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