Monday, September 28

baby steps..

.. to becoming fit again.

Today Anne Jackson blogged about some small life changes she's making. (Amy and I love to follow her.) She's switching to local businesses for her groceries and other purchases. And she is making an effort to be healthier and move around more using this program called the Couch-to-5K running plan. I checked it out here and started today. It's about time my butt did something healthy and exercise-ish again. I don't want to feel old at 30!

.. to trusting God more.

Prayerfully, I've started tithing. It's funny that God would call me to do this in a time of life when I've never been poorer, but the Lord often works in ways that seem strange to us. Dan definitely thought I was crazy when I first mentioned it to him, but I think he sees what God and I are trying to do. With grace, hopefully this will help me to rely on God more completely to provide while keeping me from wasting what little money I have.

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Happy Together

Happy Together
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