Tuesday, September 8

i promise to love you like this and more

From Donald Miller's Blue Like Jazz, end of chapter13
I will love you like God, because of God, mighted by the power of God. I will stop expecting your love, demanding your love, trading for your love, gaming for your love. I will simply love. I am giving myself to you, and tomorrow I will do it again. I suppose the clock will wear thin its time before I am ended at this altar of dying and dying again.

God risked himself on me. I will risk myself on you. And together, we will learn to love, and perhaps then, and only then, understand gravity that drew Him unto us.
The whole book isn't like this. He talks candidly and simply about getting to know and love God while trying to love the many different people He made. Definitely read it. Thank you to Luke & Stacy for lending it to me!

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Happy Together

Happy Together
I could see me lovin' nobody but you for all my life.