Sunday, September 13

so perhaps i will consider not eloping.

I am keeping a lot of good things and reflecting on them in my heart. Thank You God, for little gifts for my soul and the wonderful man through whom you choose to deliver them :)

In other important news.. M. North's wedding was my favorite wedding yet. Wedding & reception took place in the Green Bell Barn in Perry, GA.

We were surrounded by the usual farm paraphernalia and Amish modes of transportation:

M had pockets in her gown and white Converse shoes on under it.

I wore cowboy boots and a casual dress.

The lead singer of the Red Swill has a beard completely appropriate for the venue..

It was the most beautiful, laid-back ceremony, performed by the bride's minister mother. It took her longer to walk down the aisle than it did for her and Adam (near-perfect man) to get married. Everyone was completely relaxed and she was rightfully the radiant, humble center of attention.

"Here's to love, laughter, and happily ever after." -MBH at a previous Chi Omega wedding

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Happy Together

Happy Together
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