Sunday, October 4


If you do something enough, you have to get better at it, right?

Today I'm continuing to work on my new goal (running on a regular basis with the plan I mentioned a couple of entries ago). It's a little challenging, but definitely not intimidating or discouraging like many of my other attempts. Wednesday I jogged to Stratford for the girls' powderpuff games and came back in the dark.. not safe. Fortunately Amy was on her bike and waited for me at a couple of checkpoints on the way back home. Running at night on a dark street with cars coming at you=not safe.

After that I'm going to make another pie from scratch. I've only made apple pie once before this weekend, and that was with a pre-made crust and store-bought filling. Not very inspiring. This weekend I managed to make a flaky double crust and slice up five big Braeburn apples from The Fresh Market and make a decent pie. It served as Dan's breakfast and snacks for the past 3 days :) After all this time he's becoming more useful as a constructive critic rather than just admiring my work and rubbing his full belly afterward. He offered me one suggestion for next time, assuring me that the pie I'd made was wonderfully delicious, but that slightly cooking the apples beforehand was a small personal preference.

It was so nice to have him back this weekend. With his 4x10 work schedule, he has every Friday off and he celebrated his first paycheck with a visit to Macon!

It's hard saying goodbye again, but I'm trying to be better about it. Hopefully my new exercise and cooking endeavors will help distract me.

In other news.. Myxertones lets you download MP3s from your computer and create your own ringtones and alert sounds from them. It's delightful! I added Jenny & Tyler's "One-Eyed Cat" and Gloriana's "Wild at Heart" today!


  1. mmmmm, I want some pie! i'm so impressed.

  2. Steebo loves pie... and misses his friends. I'm proud of your running. Thanks for taking it up when I LEAVE!!!!! Be safe in the dark you guys. Hope you and Dan are well. I'm glad you got to eat lunch with my little lady. Come visit!


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Happy Together
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