Monday, November 16


I was think-praying about God's words, the ones I blogged about last time. I think He is not only telling me that He fights my battles for me, but that He decides which ones are actually worth fighting. He is teaching me to discern the real issues. The important ones.

My temper is ridiculous. Everything can be a fight (and sometimes usually everything is). By backing off and letting God fight my battles for me, I'm also backing off and letting Him show me which things are really worth raising a fuss over and which ones I should humbly let slide.


New York-bound in 3 days.. hopefully. Fingers crossed and prayers up that this little setback won't change my plans.

I love my man. And I like his family very much. But if they are expecting us (did I mention I don't believe in driving when I have Dan around) to drive up two separate cars (did I mention it's a 17-hour drive) to the farm in the mountains (I have not driven in snow except for once when I went to visit Tech ex and Atlanta had a freak snowstorm).

My first reaction is HELL no. Amy backs me up.

But I love my man and I am going to pray about the situation and leave it up to Him. Maybe it's not worth arguing over. Maybe it will be a non-issue. At any rate, God and Dan know exactly how I feel and there's nothing more to be said from me.

Except that I refuse to drive to New York.

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Happy Together
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