Wednesday, November 18

vaya con Dios.. I'm leaving GA

Finally finished packing for New York.. but now I'm panicking because my house is still in shambles and I leave before 9 in the morning (leaving for Dan's straight from the restaurant).

Since the Billings farm has dial-up internet, I'm going to have a nice break from the computer and facebook and blogs and just enjoy playing outside in the cold. Hopefully I'll have even better stories than last time I visited! We've got 10 days this time, so who knows what will happen.

Update on the driving situation:
That patience I borrowed from the Lord yesterday paid off. Dan called me today, having come to the conclusion that it wasn't fair or practical to ask me to drive by myself 17 hours to the farm, especially on such short notice. I did not have to pester him. I did not need to argue with him or get defensive as I often have in the past. I told him my thoughts, once, in less than 10 words, and left it up to him and God to hear me and take care of it the best way.

I know, it's a really small and insignificant issue, but it counts as a victory in my battle against my temper, defensiveness, and nagging tendencies.

Happy, blessed Thanksgiving to all!

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Happy Together

Happy Together
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