Tuesday, November 10

where from here?

Trying to find a job is probably the most discouraging thing I've ever had to do. I'm a dean's list, B+ student, college graduate with tons of work experience for my age. I'm friendly and good in interviews. But none of it is helping me figure out where exactly God wants me to go. I feel like I'm grasping at anything even slightly in my reach and pouring all this energy into a search that keeps turning up disappointments.

Part of me is thinking very discouraged thoughts. But mostly I feel secure that God has a plan and He's not surprised when a job doesn't call me back or I get told I'm over- or under- qualified. My Father knows what's going on, and when. I don't. That's frustrating, but it's a lot less scary than the lie the enemy would have me believe: that I'm never going to find a job that will pay off my debt. That lie is the most frightening thing, and it makes me really sick to my stomach every time I hear it.

I have been blessed beyond measure. I won't forget that. And by His grace, I will continue to work at the restaurant and search for jobs and wait for His call to the right new opportunity.

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  1. I'm going to have to agree with you on the discouraging part. I have been through that many times and still don't know where I fit in the career world. It drives me crazy to not know what career to seek out. I know God has a plan but I'm getting old and I feel like I am so behind in life... a big part of that is not knowing what career to seek after. I'm glad He knows what's going on.


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Happy Together
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