Wednesday, December 30

2 weeks notice

Turned out our note was unnecessary.. or maybe they just took things we didn't notice.

Our first Christmas together was nice, but not so relaxing. We spent three days with my parents in Florida and Dan got to experience his first Catholic Christmas mass. Everyone loves him :)

In other news, here is my big Christmas present from Dan:

I put in my 2 weeks at the restaurant (they have been so good to me but I am glad to be done with food service, at least for now!). I'm well into the process of sharing the news with our friends, most of whom are not surprised by anything but the actual date. He is coming this weekend to help move what can fit in the truck, and the big move will take place MLK weekend. I'll be back in Macon the next weekend to work at the restaurant (big weekend at the Grand Opera House).

It's amazing how all the parts of this process are coming together so smoothly! We're doing an inventory of our stuff as we go and finding that we have everything we need and almost everything we want. (But that's the story of our lives, isn't it?)

Not all of our close friends are as excited as we are for this next big step. That's hard, because I want everyone to be as happy as we are in this. But even though some conversations have been harder than others, I feel covered in love and prayers as much as ever. And that means a lot.

As far as this move goes, the one thing in particular I'm worried about is finding a new church home. It seems like it took forever to find our home here in Macon. I know God will make it clear where we are supposed to go, but I hope it doesn't take 3 years again. Amy's brother John pastors a church called the Quest in Augusta, Keith mentioned an Acts 29 church near Aiken, and a friend at work recommended Victory. Pray for us in this.. I don't want to have another year wandering around church-homeless.


  1. Cute house! I'd love to hear more details!

  2. nice house friend. You don't have to find a new church because you are going to come to Macon every sunday to go to church with me when I move back.

  3. Um.. check yes to that friend. Just let me know when you're in town and we will be there with bells on.

    Katherine, I'll give you more details when I have them! For now know that everything is coming together really smoothly and basically every single need is being answered the minute it surfaces. The house is little but plenty big for 2 people who don't really own anything :)


Happy Together

Happy Together
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