Monday, December 7

research vs. relationship

Lately, I've been doing entirely too much thinking about God.

I never thought it was possible. But in trying to get to know my God better, to think more like Him and to hear about His impact in others' lives, I've lagged just a bit in our relationship. Christ is not just a historical figure, or a friend of a friend on whom I can merely collect information. I'm being gently reminded now that it is great that I want to know Him more and learn from wiser people than myself. But the first and foremost way to get to know my God is to spend time with Him and His word--NOT just thinking about Him. I'm thankful for that reminder.

In other news, Amy and I were productive and raked the leaves in our front yard! I kept staring out the window and telling her and Dan (on a visit for his 24th birthday) how beautiful a day it was. Being a good sport, she drove us to Lowe's and we bought rakes and lawn bags. So pretty!

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Happy Together

Happy Together
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