Monday, January 18

moving day

This is my last post for a while.. who knows how long it will take for internet to get set up?

I am terribly awkward with goodbyes and being the center of a group's attention. Even if only for a few minutes.

It's been hard the past few days especially. I wanted to love on my friends and let them know that I'll miss them but I'll be back often. But when everyone's looking at you with sad smiles and telling the group how sad they are to see you go, it's really hard not to burst into tears.

My friend Claire (age 14, mom helps lead my bible study group) said she finally understood why I am going to elope instead of have the big show.. if I get nervous with just a dozen of my close church family all looking at me, then "imagine how awkward it will feel when you walk down the aisle and everyone turns around and looks at you!" She is so wise.

Pray for their family and the person they are trying to show grace to right now. After seeing The Blind Side, Miss Claire prayed that God would bring their family someone they could help. And He did. Boy, did He ever.

Pray for my Stratford girls.. and a couple of the Stratford boys. Some recent conversations really tugged at my heart and while part of me knows God is not surprised or worried by any of their circumstances or choices, the rest of me is really, really worried about them.

Pray for my friends Patrick & Jennifer and their amazing wonderful family. Seeing them all in church yesterday reminded me of the intense struggles they go through showing all their kids grace.. I don't know how they do it GRACE is how they do it.

Pray for my friend Kelley, who is richly blessed, but, like all of us, manages to struggle despite the wealth of gifts God bestows on us.

Pray for Dan and me, that it would take less than 3 years (ha ha) to find a new church home, and that we would be able to invite Ken and Mandi who are tired of trying to find the right one in the land of a million churches. Or pray that God would provide extra gas money so we can just continue to stay at our home at New City.

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Happy Together
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