Friday, February 19

pups and blessings

Sad consequence of being completely broke and on the job search: missing S's bachelorette party & shower this weekend. Just when I've been missing my Chi Os more than ever. Sad day.. fortunately nothing like a whole afternoon with the pups helps takes my mind off being tired and poor.

W & T finally resisted the urge to pass out.

They look pretty tired, don't you think?

Poor T. actually had some trouble in the woods before I got here.. got a stick in his eye and K had to rush him to the vet on his & M's way out of town for the weekend. Poor pup went crazy when I went to pick him and up.. all 70 pounds of him was trying to get under my legs and into my lap. Eye meds should be a really fun experience tomorrow morning.

On the good side of the job search:
  • I got offered a part-time temp job not working in a restaurant, but for a nice apartment complex half an hour away. My interview went swell; now all they're waiting on for me to start is a clean drug test result.. should not be a problem given my 24-year clean streak :)
  • I got an interview with GGP for a full-time business development position 45 minutes away. The job would have great benefits, give me plenty of opportunity to use my degree and learn new things. Plus, there's a Starbucks within walking distance.. dependable coffee would definitely be a treat after fighting that I-20 rush hour!
  • Because the part-time offer is temporary, they're totally fine with me interviewing for full time employment in my off time. One of the leasing managers is unfortunately having some health issues and just needs some time off. They felt bad not being able to tell candidates a positive end date. For me, it's a win whether it's a long or short time, because it saves me having to train at a new restaurant and feel bad for backing out when a good full-time offer comes in. Yes, when.
So many things to be thankful about today.

Pray with me for:
The people of Haiti and our country's relief teams, especially J's husband C who is there with the 82nd Airborne Division. Karthigai and her family in India. Steebo in Colorado serving through YoungLife and his girlfriend J. The church Dan and I are going to visit Sunday.. that God would make it clear where we can find a new home and hopefully share it with K & M. Laura in her job search. Amy as her days' craziness goes up and down. All my pregnant girlfriends.. a new friend calls with the exciting news every few days! For Sarah in the days approaching her wedding in 5 weeks, that they be some of the best memories she's ever had. For M, struggling to grow up. For my family, that they would be better communicators.

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Happy Together
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