Monday, February 22

semi-contributing member of society again

I start in just a couple of hours at my temporary part-time job. Words cannot express my gratitude for having something, finally, to tide me over until full-time, permanent work. A few hours today, more tomorrow.. that little bit of financial anxiety is gone for now.

Tomorrow at 4 I have the GGP interview in Augusta. I feel prepared even though I have no idea if this is the job God has set aside for me. Hopefully He'll be as clear as he was with the job I interviewed for in July/August (the resounding "NO!"). But hopefully instead a resounding yes.

Also.. I'm still reading Follow Me to Freedom: leading & following as an ordinary radical by Shane Claiborne and John M. Perkins. Every time I finish a chapter ("conversation".. that's how the book is actually split up), I re-read it once with a pen in hand and then read it again. This book could take forever at this rate.. but I'll read anything by this guy. I really think God speaks to Shane in special ways through the opportunities He gives and Shane enthusiastically takes. Click on the title, order your copy. It's like $11. What were you going to do with that $11 anyway?

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Happy Together

Happy Together
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