Monday, March 1

Follow Me to Freedom 1

Follow Me to Freedom: leading & following as an ordinary radical (Zondervan Publishing) has been such a great read so far. Every now and then something stands out, and I'll try to share it here. Let me know if you get a chance to read it!

Conversation 1, page 26
And it makes good sense that we cannot remain victims if we are ever to see freedom--we cannot forget the past, but the past does not hold us captive. We may have scars, but scars remind us that we survived.

This reminds me of so many conversations I've had.. with family, friends, high school students, with God. The common refrain in each one is "I can't because ____ happened to me. I just can't move on/grow/love correctly because I can't get over ____."

Sometimes it's something that happens to us. Other times it's a choice we made. Something in our lives takes over and we allow it to be bigger than grace. We tell ourselves that God's power/love/mercy/sacrifice somehow isn't enough big enough to cover it (addiction/hurt/abuse/betrayal/ anger/failure/selfishness), and so we sit alone and sad in a self-made prison.

This summer I reminded a friend (and myself) that since Jesus came, the cross and tomb are empty. The debt is paid. The chains are gone. We do not bear the name "victim" anymore. We still can't do much on our own, but we don't have to try alone. It's crazy how easily we forget that!

What am I allowing to claim me as its victim? What in my past do I blame for my failure to grow/change/love?

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Happy Together
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