Wednesday, March 10

Follow Me to Freedom 3

I'm transcribing this post during commercial breaks of "Live with Regis & Kelly" (Ludacris is co-hosting!!!).  Sometimes I do love working part time.  

Follow Me to Freedom: leading & following as an ordinary radical
Conversation 5, page 76
[...] everybody is a teacher and everybody is a learner.  We are all recovering from something.  Everybody can lead out of his or her experience and woundedness.  It is brilliant engineering for God to use the weak and the foolish rather than the strong and the learned--as it puts us all in a place where we can be used by God.  All it takes is the humility to recognize that all have something to teach, and we all have something to learn--especially when it comes to recovery.  

If there's anything I've learned through my relationships it's this.  This idea give meaning to our most persistent struggles and our most embarrassing failures.  Someone once said, "Those who can't do, teach."  Really, you can only teach if you have done, and usually only if you have also failed a time or two can you help others in their mistakes.

I wish someone would tell me this when I'm down.  I've said this to so many hurting friends.. most recently to my best friend.  We can't let our mistakes/struggles/outright failures define us or tell us what we're worth.  (We need only look to the cross and empty tomb to see just what we are worth to the One Who really knows.)  We can, however, let them humble us in a holy way.  We can let them build on our little wisdom.  We can be vulnerable and honest about them.  We can show others, who may be hiding similar struggles, that they're not alone after all.

What am I recovering from?  What have I learned each time?  What am I still working through?  What can God use in all that to grace others?  

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