Sunday, March 14

Follow Me to Freedom 4

Follow Me to Freedom: leading & following as an ordinary radical
Conversation 5, page 86
Jesus took what the people had and added a little God stuff to it.  He teaches the disciples to offer what little they have and promises that when we do that, there will be enough.  [...] the miracle is that God can take frail, meager offerings from our hands and do the work of the Kingdom.  What a crazy idea--the God that can feed the masses on His own resists the temptation to turn stones into bread or rain down manna from heaven and chooses to use us, to need us, to want us!  [...] that seems to be the nature of the kingdom of God.  It is the story of community.  We have a God that doesn't want to change the world without us.  

I stop myself from taking on new things and doing God's work because I feel like I don't have what it takes.  Of course that's right--I don't.  But God doesn't ask me for "what it takes"; He just asks for what I have and multiplies it until there are leftovers once the task is done.

Today I will not sell God short.  I will not turn away from cries for help and mercy because I am too poor, too inexperienced, not good enough.  I will give all that I have and trust God to multiply it.  Off to feed the 5,000 :)

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Happy Together
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