Friday, April 30

Babies & Haitians

I have been up since 5:30.

But it's totally worth it because I get to keep a 2-month old baby all day today after I take his brother to school.  That's right, I rearranged my work week so I could play nanny again. 

It's about time to get T up and ready for school.. but first I had to share this.  A little piece of my heart belongs to the Haitians and all their struggles, not just with the recent natural disaster, but for a long, long time. 

Go to Angie Smith's recent blog post and read about Inga and how she's going to help some Haitian women get back on their feet by providing them with a product, a market, and the means to start supporting themselves and their families at a time when almost no one in Haiti is employed.

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Happy Together
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