Monday, April 12

better than I deserve!

My job leasing apartments gives me many opportunities to interact with strangers.. most of whom are not quite as cheerful as me

Alex: How are you doing today?
Mail Carrier: I'm alive.  What about you?
Alex: Terrific, but however I'm doing is way better than I deserve!
Mail Carrier: Lord, ain't that always the way?

Maintenance Tech: Why are you always so damn happy?
Alex: Uh.. I have no reason not to be.  I'm far too blessed.
Maintenance Tech: You Christians.

We laugh but it's really true.  I'm like a little cup full of holes, basically cracked right in half and God just keeps pouring blessings in so I'm still overflowing.  What a God we serve.  I've thought about this a lot this past month.. how no matter what happens to me in this life, it's better than I deserve.  That's why I'm usually able to give answers like the ones above honestly.. because usually I remember that every single day is blessing upon blessing upon lesson upon blessing.


Thanksgiving 2009

Bid Day 2004.. they had no idea what they were asking for putting us together :)

Best most supportive rockstar roommates ever.. always up for Braves games or SB09.



Friends at wish-it-was-home

Favorite grandmother & family

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Happy Together

Happy Together
I could see me lovin' nobody but you for all my life.