Thursday, May 13

if you were not a bigot, you wouldn't ask.

every now & then at work this sort of conversation occurs:

prospective resident: "so.. what kind of people live here?"
me: "i love my residents.  they make it easy for me to like my job."  
prospect: "oh.  but what kind of people live here?  i mean, i'm not racist or anything, but are there a lot of [insert racial/socioeconomic/religious category] type people here?"

it's really hard not to roll my eyes and think nasty thoughts at this point.  today i just said, "we don't keep those kind of statistics.  all of our residents meet our qualifications and i haven't met one yet i didn't like."

i just hope that by refusing to entertain or validate questions like this, maybe just one person will stop and think about what they're saying.  maybe for just a minute they'll reconsider that attitude of hate for others based on their income, skin color, accent, or religion..  

.. meanwhile, i'll fight the urge to judge bigots in the same way.  

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Happy Together
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