Friday, July 30

Have you met my favorite boys in the world?  Meet Walker & TR.

This lucky girl is spending her weekend with these two handsome guys!  I just adore these pups.  It'll be the 3 of us, K's jeep, and two days of adventures.  K & M are off to play in a soccer tournament and D will be working nights and sleeping days.

In other news, I am still excitedly anticipating my first letter from E, my new Compassion friend/correspondence kiddo. This weekend I'll be taking Mrs. Schanck's (love this name!) advice and calling to get some sponsorship history. I don't know if she's sponsored by a group or an individual, or if she's ever received gifts or letters before. Like K, she's middle-school aged, which can be a tough time for girls. I know my middle school years were not the most flattering, looks- or personality-wise. Yikes..

Isn't she beautiful? Check out the blog at Compassion's website and read all the great stories. I can't do this ministry justice. Pray that this ministry will be blessed with the courage, wisdom, funding, and support it needs to do God's work excellently.

Speaking of ministries to pray for, D called yesterday from a wing place at lunch time. He was excited because the walls were apparently COVERED with YoungLife shirts, stickers, & posters. Made my heart happy :) Hopefully after we're married God will direct me back to serving Him in that capacity. In the meantime I keep in touch with several of my YL friends and continue listening and praying. This year I feel like God's teaching me to speak little and listen a lot. A lot has changed since last August.. some changes have been hard, but all of them little steps in a better direction. Thanks everyone who's prayed for me, and for D too. It makes a difference.

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Happy Together
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