Sunday, July 4

more reading than writing

I've been reading & listening a lot more than writing & talking.  Perhaps I'll become wiser :)

I'm very blessed in wonderful, clear ways.. the struggle now is to fight complacency instead of fear.  A long time ago I got comfy & complacent surrounded by God's gifts & love and lost sight of Him.  He brought me back, and it was a little really painful getting back to a place where I could hear Him.  I don't want to be there again.

The highlights:
1. Wedding season is lots of fun--I have such wonderful friends and it's great when we're all together.
2. Lack of any sort of regular exercise since the move has inspired me to get moving & start running again.  Looking for little 5K & 10K goals locally at and I'm going to force myself to enjoy it until I actually do.
3. Job went from PT temp consultant to FT temp and then ended on schedule. Or so I thought. The owner of the company came down from Maryland and spoke with me & my boss and now has created a full time, permanent position for me as a marketing consultant for all 6 of his properties in the southeast. PRAISE THE LORD for health insurance.  I'm still on the hunt because while I love this job, the pay is not spectacular and if I can get a better offer financially, it'll give me something to negotiate with.
4. I still write to Karthigai (my Compassion girl. This past week, I was contacted to be a correspondence sponsor for Edeline in Haiti. She's about a year younger than Karthigai and, like me & K, comes from a big family. Love this ministry.
5. My quote was published in my fraternity's summer publication of the Eleusis. Love Chi Omega :)

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  1. Most people do eventually grow to love running. I'm glad that you are doing well my friend. Love the highlights.


Happy Together

Happy Together
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