Tuesday, August 24

Fingers crossed & prayers up

Monday I have a final interview for a job that I would love, which could also help me go back to school. And shorten my daily commute. And get me back working on a college campus.

Once upon a time I wouldn't have been nervous scared. But it's been a year since NALD and I parted ways.. and even though that was definitely a blessing, it hasn't been the year I would have predicted when I was in college.

August-January: waited tables & catered (no health insurance)
[September: D moves to SC]
January-February: left college-hometown to join D in SC; lived off savings, tax return, & D (definitely no health insurance)
February-June: temped as a leasing consultant for peanuts & (you guessed it) no health insurance
June-August: re-hired to do marketing for the same company, still for peanuts but plus insurance, no specific idea what my job will look like next month.

It hasn't been the debt-eliminating, steady, predictable year I had planned. But somehow it's been better, if sometimes a little scary. I've learned that what I think I need to get by is never what God gives me to thrive. Fortunately, God doesn't stick to my plans. He sticks with His and continually reassures me as they play out. The interview Monday will result in a job offer, or it won't. Either way, I'll remember that if what I choose doesn't match up with what God gives me, I still have exactly what I need.

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  1. everything is in HIS time and place, my child. trust in HIM count your blessings-dan, family, job even if it is for peanuts as of now. i remember those peanuts days with 5 wonderful little ones, dad going to school, one income (yes for peanuts). but with God's help, we made it. you all are wonderful and blessed adults now, loving and thoughtful. keep the faith, my child, it keeps us moving on.


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Happy Together
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