Saturday, September 18

Why I write to Karthigai & Edeline..

.. even if I feel like I don't have anything important to say:

Because you can't make this stuff up.

Bless Lisa-Jo for sharing through her travels with Compassion and as a leader over at (in)courage.

I can't say enough about Compassion. Here's an excerpt from an article at Positive Entertainment:

Compassions' commitment toward integrity has been proven to be exemplary. The Wall Street Journal has a magazine called Smart Money. They did a study for Smart Money magazine of the 680,000 non profit organizations in North America. What they said to their readers is: "We know when you buy a stock, a bond, a piece of property, you do due diligence. You want the biggest bang for your buck. That's what our magazine is all about. But we know that you also give to charitable causes. Do you do the same due diligence, when you give to a charitable cause? They are not all the same. You must know that. Our research tells us that you don't. So, we're doing it for you." What they did was that they studied the 680,000 non profit organizations, ran them all through the same grid and then wrote up a list of the top ten organizations that you can trust to do what they say, they'll do' And Compassion International was one of those top ten. That was back in 1997 and Compassion is now 2 or 3 percentage points better than back in 1997.

There is another very good watch dog called the Charity Navigator. They watch the biggest and the best of the organizations and they contacted Compassion a couple of months ago and said: "We're giving Compassion our top rating this year, that's 4 stars and that's the fifth consecutive year that we've given you our highest rating." When Dr. Stafford heard this he asked them: "How many people do you do this to?" Their reply was: "You're in the top 1 percent of non profit organizations that we watch."

We are called to serve our brother and sisters at home and abroad. If you don't already have a way you're reaching out to those less fortunate and far away, pray about Compassion.

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Happy Together
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