Friday, November 19

Being engaged is fabulous.  Having a definite day to look forward to, when you get to marry your best friend and start a whole new life and eventually a family together.. it's amazing.  People ask me how it feels to be engaged to Dan and I say that people should get engaged every day!

We're quickly working out the details.. 6 months is a little shorter than most of our friends took to plan their big day.  Keith will pronounce us husband and wife on the steps where he proposed, where I pref'd Chi Omega and on the campus where everything in my life changed for good.

Get excited with me, will you?

Oh.. and we also did something a little cheesy but which we both reluctantly agreed was necessary for all the out-of-town family and friends attending our non-elopement: we made a website for the wedding.

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Happy Together

Happy Together
I could see me lovin' nobody but you for all my life.