Monday, November 8

holy crap, I'm gonna be a Billings

4 years and a lot of ups and downs later, it's wedding season for us :)

The morning after our friends' wedding at Mercer, he took me to Newton Chapel and proposed!  I was standing on the steps to the sanctuary, where I prefed my fraternity, where my girls and I made so many incredible memories in college.  He just let me enjoy the nostalgic moment. I turned around, thinking he wasn't listening, and he was down on one knee, holding a little black box in his left hand.  Before he could even finish asking, "What are your plans for later?", my knees buckled and I passed out for a second.  He caught me and helped me back up, and I incoherently mumbled something about needing to sit down.  Dan said no, that he had something really important to ask me and I needed to stand up just for a second longer.  He said, "Will you marry me?" and I somehow got out a "Yes!".  Then he put the ring on my finger and I demanded (knees still shaking), "Is this a joke?  Because if it is, it's really, really mean!"

Long story short, it's not a joke, and we are finally getting married!  In my ideal world, we'll be married in Newton Chapel on the spot where he proposed.  We'll see how it goes.  Stay tuned for more details and please join us in giving thanks to God for His wonderful blessings!


  1. That is so wonderful! I love you so much, Alex, and I'm very happy for you.


  2. Beautiful story for two beautiful souls! I wish you both the very best and hope your time together is all that you wish for!!! :D Congrats! God Bless and Love you!

  3. What a thoughtful way to plan a life together! So excited, proud, and happy for you both. Love you muchly.

    Also I love the new nail color... you know I am a sucker for these things. :)


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Happy Together
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